Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5, Defender TD5 & Discovery 3 TDV6 Engine Tuning / Re-mapping Service. 

With prices from only £195 we’re the best value in the UK!

For just £195 we install the Stage 2 Software needed to Re-Map the ECU on a pre-modified vehicle.

For Just £495 we supply and fit the EGR delete kit, a full performance exhaust system and install the Stage 2 Software needed to Re-Map the ECU.

Here at X Rated 4×4 we offer Stage 2 Engine Tuning / Re-Maps for both Land Rover Discovery TD5’s and Land Rover Defender TD5’s. Land Rover Discovery 3 TDV6 Engine Tuning / Re-Mapping will be available very soon.

Experience Counts. With over 10 years experience working with Land Rover Td5’s we are the go to guys when it comes to Tuning your TD5 engine. Whether your Discovery or Defender TD5 is a Family Car, Tow Vehicle, Off Roader, or a combination of all the above we can enhance it’s performance without affecting the reliability. The Land Rover Td5 power unit in standard form is a great engine but it can feel lethargic and we all know it is frustrating when it doesn’t deliver the power when you ask it to. With an X Rated 4×4 Re-Map / Engine Tune we provide the engine with over 50 extra Horse Power taking it from 136hp to approximately 189hp making the car feel brighter, more responsive, and delivering the extra power exactly when you need it. The difference is amazing!

Take a test drive in one of our tuned vehicles before you buy!

Engine Tuning / Re- Mapping / Flashing ECU. We offer owners of Discovery 2 TD5’s and Defender TD5’s a comprehensive Re-Map engine tuning service. A Stage 2 Re-Map / Engine Tune will increase horse power (hp) on a standard Discovery 2 TD5 or Defender TD5 from 136hp to approximately 189hp. The whole process takes approximately 2 hours which can be done at your home, place of work or anywhere that suits you.

The Procedure and Cost for a Stage 2 Re-Map Engine Tune. Firstly, we remove the EGR Valve and some of it’s components from the vehicle and replace it with one of our own specialist EGR delete kits. Secondly, we remove the whole exhaust system which is replaced with one of our own Sports Performance Exhaust Systems. This is necessary because the catalytic converter and center box exhaust system needs to be removed for the procedure to work. Thirdly, we can then start the process of Re-Mapping / Flashing the ECU with our own specialist Software. This is achieved by attaching our specialist electronic equipment to the OBD port on your vehicle. First we make a copy of the current data stored on the ECU. We than transfer our own software onto the vehicles ECU. Once this is achieved we then have to set certain components to work in conjunction with the new Software ensuring that the vehicle is going to perform to it’s new parameters. This is achieved by physically driving the vehicle and at the same time using our electronic equipment to show how the vehicle is performing. From this data the fine tuning can be achieved. Finally, using the same equipment we perform a full Diagnostic health check on the vehicle.

£495 is the total cost for the complete service including all the parts.

£195 is the total cost for installing just the software on a pre-modified vehicle.

Please Note: Early TD5 Engines from 1998 to 2001 with engine code 10p have ECU’s that can not accept tuning software through the OBD port. This means we will need to remove the ECU from the vehicle and open it up for some X Rated 4×4 brain surgery. Later models from 2001 to 2004 with engine codes 15p and 16p can be tuned via the OBD port.

Based in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, South Wales. We have a client base which includes both private and trade clients. Trade clients include private Land Rover dealers, specialist and general mechanics who all take advantage of our knowledge, specialist equipment and the fact we offer a mobile service. We visit you!

Fully mobile service. X Rated 4×4 are pleased to announce that from January 2019 we’re offering a complete mobile service. WE COME TO YOU! We’re offering this service throughout the local area and up to 100 mile radius of Haverfordwest. We will however travel throughout the UK should the need arise! We understand that for a lot of people time is limited so we do the work while you’re at work. We can undertake general repairs, servicing, tune your engine, re-map your ECU, perform a number of off road modifications, all done at your house, work place or anywhere that suits you. A small friendly family business with over 10 years experience repairing, undertaking off road modifications and tuning Land Rover Discovery’s for general on and off road use we’re here to offer a service like no other.

Mobile service charges. (costs for us to visit you). Our mobile service is free of charge if you’re within a 10 mile radius of Havefordwest. A charge of £1.50 per mile is charged for those living outside the 10 mile radius.  Example: Haverfordwest to Camarthen is 31 miles so the price would be a total of £46.50 for us to come to you. M

We are the one stop shop for Land Rover Discovery’s.